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The 3 Faces of Eve Jean

Speech #1: “Break the Ice”
by Jean Dickson


To begin speaking before an audience, to help you understand what areas require particular emphasis in your speaking development and to introduce yourself to your club members.


Thank you, Robert. Last week, we all had the pleasure of listening to Don’s excellent first speech. In it, Don stated that he was “Mr. Average.” To support that statement, he said that the average person is married, has 2.1 children, and lives close to where he or she grew up.

I’m not married, I have only one child, and I grew up in Victoria, BC - a long way from the Kingston Peninsula!

There is another way in which I am definitely not ordinary. Let me posit that the average person lives life only as one person. Not me! I’ve been THREE people in my life!

I entered life as Shirley Temple. Sure, I didn’t have the same hair colour - mine was strawberry blonde. But I had the same curls, the same smile, and the same outgoing personality. I was Shirley Temple, but an updated, 60s version.

Somewhere between 11 and 13 I turned into Marilyn Monroe. I thought Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate model of feminine behaviour. I dressed like Marilyn and walked like Marilyn - and, like Marilyn, had similar results.

My first proposal came early - just like Marilyn. When I was 16, my mother and I moved to Honolulu. My mother was into the “health” scene and the first thing we did once we settled in was to join an exercise club that met daily on the Waikiki beach. This group was led by a 95 year old celebrated health guru, Dr. Paul Bragg.

It was quite a surprise to me when my mother told me that Paul wanted to marry me. Not quite the typical teenage experience - having someone 79 years older than you propose marriage to you! My mother, to my horror, was quite taken with the idea. She liked Paul. She also liked his money. And she REALLY liked the idea that he was 95 years old and that I would inherit his wealth.

Upon hearing the plan, all I could think of was that head of gray hair and wrinkled body in bed with me, night after night after night. I liked Paul - but marry him!

Shortly after I let Paul know that I would NOT marry him, my mother and I moved back to Victoria. And there I lived as a red-headed Marilyn Monroe, with about the same results - no peace of mind - and always getting romantically involved with the wrong man.

Suddenly, at age 25, in the space of a few short months, I changed. I changed from Marilyn Monroe to...oh my goodness...Roseanne Arnold.

I sort of like being Roseanne. I actually prefer it to living life as Marilyn. For one, I don’t get these guys ringing me up all the time, trying to ask me out for a date. That’s a definite relief! For another, I don’t have to spend hours each morning painting my face, and spraying my hair. For someone who likes sleeping in, that’s a definite improvement.

But the biggest advantage to being Roseanne is that I can see into people’s souls in a way that I never could do as Marilyn.

Did you know that fat women are distained and disparaged by society more than any other group? Researchers recently showed school children a group of photos and asked them to select who they would most like to sit next to. Not one person chose the fat lady. They chose everyone else, including people with terribly disfigured faces and obese men, but no one chose the fat lady.

Why? Think of the fat women on television: Roseanne Arnold, Mimi on Drew Carey. Not terribly appealing examples of womanhood, are they? No wonder no one wants to sit next to the fat lady.

But to me, that is an advantage. Because by the way people treat the fat lady, they reveal who THEY are. Some people treat me with disdain. Others, treat me the same as any other person. These individuals are the people with the souls that shine. When I was Marilyn, I didn’t get a chance to see these shining souls, as the others always got in the way. But, now, I can. And I appreciate all the more God’s wisdom in showing me that there are more important things in life than walking, dressing, looking, and loving like Marilyn Monroe.

As you now understand, I have indeed lived life as three different people. And you understand that I don’t fit any of the statistics of Ms Average.

But of all the experiences that have made me not average, the one most precious to me is that the way I view the world has changed. I now value things that I see in other people- things that I previously held in contempt.

My challenge to you is to in your spirit, your centre of being, become the fat lady. See the world with her eyes, see what is hidden to others. And discover how this new vision changes you, just as it has changed me!