Our club meets

Every Wednesday evening except holidays and summer.

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Kings Way Care Centre, 8 Squire Drive in Quispamsis, NB (it's the seniors home on the Gondola Point Arterial) - in the Boardroom.

We'd love to meet you.

There are no meetings on storm days.

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Table Topic Ideas From Other Clubs

We've gathered Table Topics ideas from all four corners of the earth. Contact our webmaster if you want to add your Table Topics idea to this list.

Toastmasters' Wiki - Full of Table Topics Ideas

More Table Topics from Australia, compliments of John Sleigh's blog.

50 Ideas for Table Topics

District 46's 101 Table Topic Ideas

Ericsson LMC Toastmasters, Club 8509

One of our previous members, Philipp Jaeger, (who is known in our club for his inventive Table Topics ideas) came up with this idea. He did it Jeopardy style, he gave an answer and we're supposed to come up with a question that would fit that answer. A two minute long question, it was a lot of fun. An example was something like: "No, money has never been my major motivator."

Another idea came from our member Jansen Robillard, who came up with "useless statistcs" that we were to comment on, or draw a conclusion from. For example:

  • You can burn 150 calories per hour by banging your head on the wall;
  • 13 people in America are killed each year by vending machines falling on them;
  • In 75% of America's households, Women pay the bills and manage the money;
  • Experienced waitressees polled, say that married men tip better than single men;
  • 40% of dog and cat owners carry a picture of their pets in their wallets;
  • 1/3 of all Americans are at least 20% over their recommended weight; and
  • You are more likely to be killed by a cow than a shark.

Howard Karpes of College Club Toastmaster, Club #6252

One that I made up and everybody seemed to enjoy was when I took abreviations used in accounting (I am a student) and I put them on a flip chart and ask that the speaker makes up something that fits the abreviations.

For example: G.A.A.P.

You could use any jargon from any profession.

Table Topic Games by Andreé Brooks, DTM, Past International Director

Noah and the Ark II
God has decided to flood the earth again and Noah II has been asked to select animals, two by two, for the voyage on the Ark II. As you are called for Table Topics, you are to assume the identity of the animal and present your case in two minutes to Noah II who will then decide if you and your mate will be on the voyage to remain behind. (Assign people animals such as the rat, snake, and skunk)

Alfred Hitchcock Suspense Story
The Topics Master begins a story which each speaker will continue by speaking for exactly two minutes. Each speaker should leave the story hanging with an unusual twist for the next speaker. Start the story with: It was a cold and rainy night. I had just settled down with a book by the fire when suddenly I heard a noise in the garage...

The Picture Game
Bring enough pictures from magazines, newspapers or other sources to give each Table Topics speaker one . Be sure to cut off the caption. Give each speaker a picture and ask him/her to tell the audience what the story is.

The Grab Bag
Bring a lunch bag to the meeting containing various objects such as a paper clip, a staple remover, a button, a bookmark, a charge card, a pocket knife, a thimble, etc. Each speaker reaches into the bag and selects an object without seeing it. They then speak for two minutes about the object. You could also ask the speaker to sell the item to the group.

The Yellow Pages
Bring several pages from the Telephone Book Yellow Pages selecting a business from each page. The speaker has two minutes to sell the product or service.

Jim Vogele's Table Topic Ideas

Pick an article from the Toastmasters' magazine, poetry, or any story and have members read for designated times.

Have speakers review movies, television shows, restaurants and books.

Ask about family, goals, job, hobbies, interests and vacations.

Ask speakers to imagine...what if you won the lottery...what if you were President/Prime Minister.

Give the speaker three unrelated words and have them create a story that uses all three.

Have a continuous story (the Topicmaster starts and each member continues to make up the story as called upon).