Our club meets

Every Wednesday evening except holidays and summer.

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Kings Way Care Centre, 8 Squire Drive in Quispamsis, NB (it's the seniors home on the Gondola Point Arterial) - in the Boardroom.

We'd love to meet you.

There are no meetings on storm days.

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Table Topic Ideas

Do you want to improve your answers to Table Topics questions? We've got a system to help you win Best Table Topics time after time after time! Click here to access the page in html format. To print off the page, click here (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Don't know what to do for Table Topics? We've got lots of ideas! Look below for our ideas. Click here for ideas from other clubs.

Idea #1

Set the theme as "If You Were...." Ask each participant to answer questions such as:

  • If you were a building, what type of building would you be?
  • If you were a bird, what type of bird would you be?
  • If you were a song, what type of song would you be?

You can also ask about schools, books, paintings, photographs, cars, hats, houses....

Idea #2

Have a debate between members with teams taking sides on questions such as these:

  • Did man land on the moon? (A program on Fox network (I know, I know, "Fox") had some really compelling "evidence" to suggest it was a hoax).
  • Are there UFO/aliens visiting earth?
  • Is Elvis still alive? (I suspect all of us believe he is not, but it would be fun to have members debate that he is alive regardless if they don't believe it).

These topics are not so taboo like sex, politics and religion, and may be more fun to debate. Other topics (but not as fun to play with as those above) include:

  • Video Lottery Terminals - should we ban them?
  • Genetically modified foods - should they be labelled?
  • Should parents be made more responsible for crimes their children commit?

Idea #3

Return to childhood by playing Truth or Dare. Print off the questions (click here for the truth questions; click here for the dare questions).

Cut up the dare questions and put them in a tupperware container. Cut up the truth questions and put them in another container.

Ask each person, "Truth or Dare." Because the questions can be hard, allow members to return their question and pick another if they are stumped for an answer. It's lots of fun to tease people when they have to pick another question. You will be surprised by who will be the risk-takers in your club!

Idea #4

Have a joke night! Tell people to come prepared to share a joke with other members. You might want to state no offensive jokes and then define what you mean by offensive.

If you have an evening where there are going to be guests, this makes for an especially nice evening. It's fun. And it's lively.

Idea #5

Tell a lie by playing Liar, Liar.

I want you to tell the biggest, whoppingest lies you ever told. I'm going to ask each one of you to tell me something. And I DON'T want you to tell me the truth. Instead I want you to tell me a twisting, mesmerizing, satisfying lie that will give me a warm feeling in the pit of my tummy, just like a cup or two of heart and healthy mint tea with just a hint of honey.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. ____________, tell me about your first date and why it was so bad or so good.

_________ told us about her first date, ____________, tell me about your first kiss and whether it exceeded your expectations or not.

_________ told us about her first kiss, ____________, tell me why you broke up with your first boyfriend.

_________ told us why she broke up with her first boyfriend, ____________, tell me all about those many hearts you've broken.

_________ told us all about the hearts he/she broke, ___________, in your career as a heart surgeon you don't break hearts - you fix them. Tell us what's the worst thing that ever happened to you as you were operating on someone's heart.

_________ told us all about nightmare operations, __________, tell me about the worst dream you ever had.

_________ told us about the worst dream imaginable, __________, tell me how you met the man/woman of your dreams.

_________ told us about meeting the man/woman of his/her dreams, __________, tell me about your wedding day and why it was or was not the day you dreamed of.

Idea #6

Bring Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to your club. With Phone a Friend, members choose an area of expertise and write it on a card which they place in front of them. The Table Topics Master is the contestant who needs to phone a friend and ask him/her a question on his/her subject area. For example, Tod has Canadian geography listed as his area of expertise. The Table Topics Master chooses Tod and asks him, "Tod, I need some help. Tell me where Esquimalt is and what the name means."

Idea #7

Have a monthly forked tongue award (a fork mounted on a plaque). Each Table Topics participant has to try an answer their Topics question in a way that implies one thing but can actually mean another. This is one way to challenge seasoned Toastmasters as it is quite difficult to do.

Idea #8

Have a Table Topics Toss. This is a great way to do Table Topics when the Table Topics Master unexpectedly cannot attend the meeting. Have the Chair (Person A) choose an individual (Person B) and ask a question. Person B answers the question and then chooses the next person - Person C. Person B asks Person C a question. Person C answers it, then asks Person D a question, and so on.