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Kings Way Care Centre, 8 Squire Drive in Quispamsis, NB (it's the seniors home on the Gondola Point Arterial) - in the Boardroom.

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There are no meetings on storm days.

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by Gerry Higgins

Your voice waivers and your knees quiver. Breathing is difficult. Your heart pounds so hard it feels as if it is going to jump out of your mouth. Your mind is blank. You do not remember what you were about to say. Beads of sweat form on your forehead.

Sound familiar? No, it’s not love -just the symptoms of speech anxiety.

It is common for both experienced and beginning speakers to be nervous about giving a speech. The difference is that the experienced speaker, although still nervous and full of anxiety is able to control those nervous butterflies. Controlling the symptoms of speech anxiety, the experienced speaker appears confident in front of an audience.

The Toastmaster Program is the best resource for learning in a supportive, friendly environment how to control your nervousness and develop your self-confidence. Understanding the cause of your particular anxiety, the Toastmaster Program will show you how valuable that anxiety is when used properly.

The next time you are to give a speech and your heartbeat races, butterflies fill your stomach, your sweaty hands and knees are quivering, Toastmasters can show you how to turn your nervousness into positive energy. The key is learning to control the fear of public speaking - not letting speech anxiety control you.

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