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What Made Me Come Back After my First Toastmasters’ Meeting

by Catherine Wigginton

I think that you would be hard pressed to find someone that joined Toastmasters just for the fun of it. Public speaking is a huge fear for many of us. It takes a great deal of determination and willpower to attend that very first Toastmasters meeting.

At my first meeting, as soon as I walked in the door someone walked up to me and introduced himself. He chatted with me as to what normally takes place at the meeting and we talked about why I decided to come to the meeting. I immediately felt welcomed. As all guests are, I was invited by the chairperson to make comments at the end of the meeting. Although I was nervous about this, it made me feel included in the meeting right from the start.

The second thing that impressed me was that all the speakers seemed to be having fun! Whether it was table topics, which seemed absolutely petrifying or giving a report at the end of the evening, it was all done with enthusiasm. Watching them inspired me to think I could someday speak just as competently and actually have fun doing it!

Finally, the most important thing that made me want to come back without a doubt was the support that the group demonstrated. The mood in the room that night was extremely positive. The criticism, if any, was constructive. The friendliness made me believe I could and would reach my goals. I knew this group was exactly what I needed to significantly improve my communication skills at all levels!

So when there is a guest in our midst or even when there isn’t, remember back to your first meeting. A positive atmosphere makes all the difference in the world!

And, thanks Pierre for making me feel welcome at my first meeting!

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