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The Other Two-Thirds

by Heidi Foster

Remember the Toastmasters’ motto?

For better thinking, for better listening, for better speaking, we learn by doing.

All too often we seem to focus more on the speaking and forget the ‘other two-thirds.’ We shouldn’t do this - if we lack thinking and listening skills, then our speaking skills will only carry us so far.

Problem-solving and creative thinking skills are at a premium these days in the world of ever growing technology. To be successful in almost any realm, you must be able to think. Practise your thinking skills when presented with a Table Topic. It is a learned skill to be able to answer a question or problem in a well thought out response in a matter of seconds.

Listening skills are also just as important as any of the other skills learned and practised in a Toastmasters’ club. How many times have you been asked to vote for best speaker in your club and realized you have no idea what any of the speakers spoke on? We cannot learn from those around us if we do not listen to their wisdom.

A great way to practise your listening skills is to evaluate a fellow Toastmaster’s speech. If you desire to give an effective evaluation, you must first listen, intently and critically, to the presentation. Even the seemingly less important jobs of Ah Counter and Grammarian give you invaluable opportunities to practise listening to what others are saying and perform some sort of analysis of their work.

In sum, don’t forget the other two-thirds. All three focus areas of thinking, listening and speaking are important to practise and excel at. When you do, you will find your personal and professional life enriched from the full Toastmasters learning experience.

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