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Moving Day

by Kathy Leveille

Are you excited to be alive today? If you had to come up with a metaphor for your life, would it be a pit of quicksand or a trampoline?

Are you excited to be alive today? Or, after 8 p.m. most week nights, would it take a doctor to surgically remove the remote from your right hand?

Sooner or later, we all experience the virus in-a-rut-itis, because we all possess a bit of Mr. Status Quo. That’s the part of us that resists change, that clings to the familiar. There is only one cure. MOVE OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE.

Not by any stretch of the imagination is this easy. It requires patience, courage and perseverance.


It’s a proven fact that change happens best when it takes place gradually, and in middle age it happens best at glacial speed. While it’s true that sometimes we need someone to light a firecracker under our butts, most of the time change happens best slowly. Without proper preparation and research, the odds of failure increase, and the next time we have a desire to move out of the comfort zone we’ll do whatever it takes to ignore the call.


Nobody likes to fail. It’s one of our biggest fears. That’s why it takes courage to move out of the comfort zone. It’s easy to procrastinate, but good intentions don’t amount to a hill of beans if they stay inside our heads. It takes courage to translate them into action. Patience, courage, perseverance.


Often when we lose the desire to keep going, it’s not because there’s something wrong with our dreams, it’s because there’s something wrong with our expectations. Is it realistic to anticipate being instantly transformed into Picasso, Pavarotti or Shakespeare? We need to set a realistic goal and celebrate every move towards it.

Are you excited to be alive today? Do you have what it takes to move out of the comfort zone? Joining Toastmasters is a great way to begin. Open the door to your untapped potential for fun, friendship and talent. I guarantee, you’ll never look back.

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