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Life With MY Toastmaster

by John Hanson

If you are expecting a humorous article on all the wacky situations I have to live with as the spouse of a Toastmaster, well, this isn’t entirely true. You see, my wife, Kathryn Hanson CTM, acted a bit wacky even before joining Toastmasters. When I first came home late to find her talking to herself alone in the bedroom, it was not to practise a speech. It was something she did naturally. Whether alone in a room, in a crowd, on stage, even when sleeping, Kathryn could naturally talk. Unfortunately, the words did not always come out as intended

When God made Kathryn, I think he was in an experimental mood. I’m sure you all know someone with a similar personality that you can relate to what I’m saying. Kathryn has a few extra connections in her brain so that when she thinks, or when an emotional trigger is switched on, her mouth moves. In short, she thinks out loud. When she said hello to you her voice could easily sound negative if she happened to be thinking about her husband’s housekeeping skills. She could also change the focus with no warning. A discussion on what to have for dinner could seamlessly transpose into her thoughts on provincial politics, then into financial concerns. An adventure for me to say the least! As a result, and she will be this first to admit this, her personal and professional image was often deemed to be “flighty” by others.

What Kathryn needed was to learn how to filter and focus her thoughts and emotions so that her words came out like she wanted them to. Toastmasters has certainly filled this need with its structured programs and feedback. Not only has she enjoyed sharing something she loves to do with others, but her professional, social, and, dare I say, personal communication skills have greatly improved. I no longer cringe when she speaks since I know her Toastmasters’ training has done its job.

While speaking at Toastmasters is great, it’s out in the “real world” that it really counts. At church one recent Sunday, the Minister fell ill just before the service. Years ago I might have been shocked if Kathryn announced to me that she just volunteered to give the sermon. I calmly nodded, being confident in her ability to deliver a meaningful message with no preparation time. Yeah, right! I must admit I was quite nervous. Well, didn’t she take the Gospel reading and one of the hymns and incorporate their messages into an original and powerful one of her own. Delivery was not polished by preparation, but the entire congregation was moved.

Toastmasters is not simply a cure for stage fright. It is an effective training ground for learning how to communicate in all areas of your life. Kathryn is a shining example of how anyone can benefit as she continues to demonstrate superior communications skills in all areas of her life, and to make her husband proud!

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