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Kings Way Care Centre, 8 Squire Drive in Quispamsis, NB (it's the seniors home on the Gondola Point Arterial) - in the Boardroom.

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What's Worse Than a Heart Attack!

by Terrie Walker

Sweaty palms, dry mouth, hand tremors, palpitations… No, you’re not having a heart attack. Although at this exact moment you may consider a heart attack a viable alternative to this particular experience.

You may have noticed these symptoms at just the thought of doing a presentation, let alone actually standing up and delivering a talk. If you have, you are not alone.

One of people’s worst fears is public speaking. I had it.

Toastmasters helped me overcome this fear. I learned strategies for dealing with this nervousness, including recognizing that these 'nerves' can actually help my performance and thinking of them as excitement and anticipation instead of fear and nervousness. I also learned other strategies such as visualization and muscle tensing.

But most of all, by learning what makes an effective presentation, I gained confidence – the biggest fear buster of all!

I also discovered that as a member of Toastmasters you proceed at your own pace with fellow Toastmasters providing help and guidance every step of the way. We are very proud of our Kennebecasis Toastmasters group. The friendly yet professional atmosphere is what makes our club so inviting.

We welcome guests at any of our weekly meetings. Our Kennebecasis Toastmasters Club is for all levels, from the “shaking in your boots” to the suave, sophisticated speaker who now “want to win speech contests." We all learn from each other.

Come out a join us anytime. We would love to show you how to decrease or even eliminate the heart attack like sensations, and be able to give a speech in a well organized manner while remaining calm. Believe it or not, YOU CAN DO IT! You might even find yourself enjoying the dreaded public speaking someday.

Click here to find out when we meet. We would love you see you there.

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