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How to Interest the Audience

People want to be engaged, to be entertained as well as informed. But how to interest the audience?

Craig Valentine says

Craig won the 1999 World Championships of Public Speaking. He advises:

Don’t be too serious! Yes, business is serious stuff but people still like to laugh. It is not taboo to use humor in a business presentation. It wakes the audience up, gets people more receptive, and many times it helps to win support for your ideas. I have given several presentations on behalf of organizations such as the United Way and Catholic Charities. These presentations are about the business of saving lives, and yet I still infused them with humor and that made all the difference in the world. You can help the audience laugh their way to a serious solution.

Dave Sanfacon says

Dave was the runner-up in the 2003 World Championship of Public Speaking. He states:

A strong introduction is needed, especially in business meetings where many in the audience will be thinking “Oh no, here we go with another dull presentation!” Again, a strong personal story to rev up the emotions, or a strong question, or a strong quote related to the topic at hand. Remember the quote I used at your District 45 Fall Conference? “No matter what business you’re in, when you’re on stage speaking before an audience, you’re in show business!” It immediately brings the audience in, gets their heads nodding, and sets up the theme.

And always know your outcome, your objective....what the needs of the audience are...what you want them to know .. .what you want them to do....the emotions you’ll need to inspire within them (inspiration, motivation) in order to get them to do something. Remember the “objective” key in my presentation? “I am telling you “x” so that you will do “y”. Many speakers have an “x” but lack a “y”. Also, repetition of your theme/message is important. A possible way is to tell a story to reinforce the theme, then restate the theme ... perhaps doing this a number of times throughout.

Audience participation is also important, whether through group activity or questions ... questions inspire dialogue, which is much more interesting in a business meeting than monologue or lecture.

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